via Soderini, 24 20146 MILANO

Bauer Summer School is born!

Cfp Bauer is setting up an International school that is meant to support international exchange of students and boost access of students and teachers with/from other countries.

The summer school will be launched in July 2018 with an English-spoken workshop led by American photographer and teacher Gus Powell (The School of Visual Arts, NY) together with Italian photographer and teacher Giorgio Barrera.

The Project

On this, just before the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, we explore the legacy of his genius throughout the city of Milan. As an artist, da Vinci was no stranger to failure. It was an inherent part of his creative process. Propelled by the need to take risks, he was a painter, a canal builder, a planter of vineyards. Using Da Vinci and his work in Milano as inspiration, we will encourage you, the photographer, to take similar risks.
Experience is the first step. This workshop is an opportunity to work intimately and rigorously with two photographers with distinctly different styles spanning landscape, street photography, narrative, and conceptual practices. We’ll accompany you in discovering your own personal genius and developing and refining an inner language to photography. A unique opportunity to expand upon your existing practice, improve your visual language, and discover a city in a one week intensive workshop.