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Type Design E—X———P—AND—ED
Full-Time Program,
2022 Ed.

Candidates should have sufficient practical experience in typography and design. They should be able to write a statement about motivation, interests and/or processes of research/development. Applicants should be sure to have a convincing portfolio in design and type design (examples of calligraphy, writing, lettering and type systems, in digital or analog realm). Ability to document your fascination for type design, typography and different media.


—Language : English and/or Italian.
—Duration : 4 months (march to July), Full-Time.
—Tuition Fee : € 1800,00. We are trying to activate a scholarship program (total or partial) for two candidates.
—Deadline : Applications need to be received digitally before 15 of November 2021

To apply for the Type Design E—X—P—A—N—E—D—E—D program 2022 provide: (A) PDF portfolio with focus on type design projects, be sure to enlighten the process of development as well as the output. (B) Personal CV or resume. (C) Motivational Letter to prove your personal interest in joining the course. The candidates will also be interviewed (remotely= by representatives of the E—X—P program board.


Submit (A)+(B)+(C) to: