ArtNet: Augmented reality


Project: Call for Proposals – CREATIVE EUROPE – MEDIA SUB-PROGRAMME – TRAINING – EACEA/09/2018

ARTNet – Augmented Reality Training and Network for audiovisual professionals” “ARTNet – Augmented Reality Training and Network for audiovisual professionals

Is a project that aims to develop new competencies for professionals from the audiovisual sector, and to create attractive cultural assets that talk to a wider variety of audiences using augmented reality technologies. ARTNet project highlight the user experience approach and the dissemination capability of the main contents, keeping as prior their cultural and social value.
Specific training modules for audiovisual professionals
The first activity provide 6 training modules, 3 in Milan and 3 in Istanbul, to teach professionally the use of wide spread programs such as the Adobe Suite, Unity 3D, screenplay and storytelling. The focus of this training is the production of content for emerging new technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality. The trainers involved in the action will share with the participants their methodology and tools: this allows the trainees to transfer the acquired knowledge and skills in their professional contest, in different countries.
Transnational seminars for the exchange of successful practices

This activity will introduce to the participants 3 best practices in the field of new emerging technologies, which have become pervasive in their use and popular at different level of audience and users. It is about 2 days, one in Milan and one in Istanbul, where professionals deal directly with those working in the fields of technological innovation.
Workshops for the production and distribution of augmented reality tools
This is the most innovative phase of the training path. This is a 5-day project work in which trainers and participants will realize 3 cultural outputs in augmented reality, which can be ready for the audience at the end of the activity. The city of Istanbul will host these 3 workshops and they will take place in three cultural realities of the territory: ARTNet participants will be the authors of the cultural output and its contents.

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